Yoga Practice

You cannot drive out hate with hate. Only love can do that. -MLK

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Affirmations Tonight

I am strong.
I am founded.
I pull up the Earth’s energy into my root and absorb Heaven’s energy from the crown of my head.
I fully receive the blessings of the universe.
I am connected to Source.
I am forgiven.
I FORGIVE all wrongs done to me. I will not punish anyone; I will not hold onto my wound. God heals me fully.
I am sound.
I am balanced.
I receive kindness and I inject kindness into the world. I imagine it filling the entire universe until suffering ceases entirely.
I am compassionate.
The Truth is in me and I trust my innermost being. Beneath thoughts.
I send hope into the world.
I am Light.
I am whole.
I am peaceful.
The light of God is in me.

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Yoga Poses Illustrations Benefits Cards Flash Cards Learning Tool Learn Yoga and Benefits of Yoga

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Regular practice of yoga is beneficial for your bones because healthy stresses are applied in a variety of unusual directions, which strengthens bones. Bones respond to healthy stresses by depositing extra layers of calcium, providing increased strength.

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