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You cannot drive out hate with hate. Only love can do that. -MLK

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Finding Your Dharma (Purpose)

Living day to day in an unfulfilling job, dysfunctional relationship, or complete lack of purpose can make life seem really pointless and depressing.  As stated in the Gita, it is better to do your dharma poorly than to do someone else’s well.  It doesn’t need to be a lofty purpose- you don’t have to be a missionary in Asia or the next Mother Teresa.  It doesn’t need to come from an outside pressure, whether that pressure is your church, your parents, your significant other, or society as a whole.  It can only come from within.  Only you know the answer and it lies deep inside of yourself.  Search there.  In your own head, your own chest.  Maybe think back to what you wanted to grow up to be when you were a kid.  Maybe it’s some version of that- before life filled your head with “supposed-to’s” and “should’s” and various other expectations.

Believe it or not, when life feels pointless it can manifest itself physically and lead to illness.  You only get one life.  It’s important to be happy and feel fulfilled in your contribution to the world.  You are here a short time so make it count- big and/or small.  There is no judgement here.  Don’t judge yourself.  Be honest with yourself, accept yourself, and allow yourself to be who you were meant to be.  Those who lack a sense of meaning are more likely to activate stress-response systems in the body.  

It’s totally okay if you have no idea who you’re supposed to be.  The important thing is not to lie to yourself.  If you know you’re not supposed to be a lawyer, then don’t go to law school.  Society expects you to have all your planets aligned by the time you’re 23.  Or 26.  Or 31.  (…)  The important thing is to be actively looking and pursuing.  Growing lazy in your quest is just as harmful as pursuing the wrong dharma.  Spend time in meditation, journaling, prayer, thoughtful reflection, and you should have no problem knowing where you’re supposed to be.  Envision yourself being wildly successful in your unique purpose.  Expect great things to happen.  Sometimes it takes awhile to get there.  We don’t always have the time, the opportunity, the health benefits, etc, available to us right away.  But to be moving in that direction is the vital thing.  It’s all about the journey.  Thank God for a beautiful route!  Namaste.

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